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We specialize in providing you services that ensure you have the most peaceful journey to Allah’s home. While facilitating the most exemplified services, our primary goal is to ensure that you execute your Hajj and Umrah correctly in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Contact us if you desire to purify your soul and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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  • Short Premier Haj Package 2019

    20 Days
    Makkah Hotel : Fairmont Clock Royal Tower
    Madina Hotel : Movenpick
    Tent : Yes
    Tour Type : Group Tour
  • Luxury Hajj Package 2019

    31 Days Tour
    Makkah Hotel : Makkah Clock Royal Tower
    Madina Hotel : Movenpick
    Tent : Yes
    Tour Type : Group Tour
  • Luxury Umrah Package – 10 Nights

    From₹ 106,000
    10 Nights Tour
    Availability : Weekly Departure
    Makkah Hotel : Swissotel Al Maqam
    Madina Hotel : Al Nokhba Royal Inn
    Tour Type : Private Tour
  • Luxury Umrah Package – 7 Nights

    From₹ 95,000
    7 Nights Tour
    Availability : Weekly Departure
    Makkah Hotel : Swissotel Al Maqam
    Madina Hotel : Al Nokhba Royal Inn
    Tour Type : Private Tour
  • Premium Economy Umrah Package

    From₹ 68,000
    14 Days Tour
    Availability : Weekly Departure
    Makkah Hotel : Dallah Ajyad
    Madina Hotel : Jawharat Al Rasheed
    Tour Type : Group Tour

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The greater Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, which takes place in the last month of the year and which all Muslims are expected to make at least once during their lifetime if they can afford to do so. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.



The non-mandatory lesser pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca, which may be performed at any time of the year.



Devote yourself to Allah and experience the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah in the sacred month of Ramadhan.

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  • The biggest plus point and strength of Makkah Hajj Corporation is it’s Ulaama. They are truly knowledgeable and it’s an honour being with them. Secondly, the management and the staff was very cooperative and it indeed felt homely. All of the staff was available for us Alhamdulillah.

    Mr. Fuad Mukadam
  • We thank our Scholars in the team, the team management and all members of Makkah Haj Corp and our fellow hujjajs for the guidance, assistance and all that you people did to make our Haj as per Quran and Hadith and also make our journey very comfortable.

    Mr. Mushtaq

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Makkah Hajj Best Hajj and Umrah Tours & travels Company you should prefer

Makkah Haj Corporation is one the leading hajj umrah travel agency in Mumbai, having served thousands of pilgrims in executing the great duties of Hajj and Umrah over the last 25 years. Read More

Our reputation is built on providing pilgrims the most exemplary services bearing which we are renowned among the best hajj umrah travel agents in Mumbai and all over India.

Haj and Umrah are two of the most important acts of worship ordained upon muslims by Allah. Haj – the fifth pillar of Islam – is mandatory once in a lifetime, whereas, Umrah is highly recommended. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that one looks for approved umrah travel agents in Mumbai for performing Haj and umrah. Makkah haj Corporation is a hajj umrah travel agency in Mumbai that is licensed and approved by the Government of India and the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia.

If you are searching for the best haj travel agency in Mumbai, look no further than Makkah Haj Corporation. Our haj package is carefully devised to provide you the most luxurious, comfortable and spiritually uplifting experience. Offering splendid accommodation in the most elegant hotels that are closest to the Holy Mosques along with the finest spread of Indian and International cuisines, our haj package is quite simply the best you can find and one that cannot be surpassed by any other haj umrah travel agents in Mumbai.

Here are a few distinguishing features to prove this claim:

  • Accommodation in luxurious 5-star hotels closest to Haram in Makkah and Madinah
  • Shifting accommodation in 3-star hotels instead of apartments
  • Buffet meals with a delicious spread of Indian and International cuisines.
  • Mina tents very close to Jamarat
  • Air-Conditioned gypsum tents in Mina with sofa cum bed
  • Air-conditioned tents in Arafat
  • Transportation in the best AC coaches

On the other hand, if you are looking for umrah travel agents Mumbai, that provide exceptional services at a reasonable cost, Makkah Haj Corporation is once again the perfect place for you. Unlike any other travel agency for umrah in Mumbai, we provide you complete Umrah packages with group departures every week throughout the Umrah season. Our packages are planned precisely in a way which allows you to devote most of your time in worship in the Haram without having to worry about any of the arrangements. The highlights of our Umrah package include:

  • Comfortable hotels that are close to the holy cites
  • most delicious Indian buffet meals
  • direct flights
  • unlimited laundry service
  • Complimentary Ziyarat
  • Free 5 liters Zam Zam

Apart from the above-mentioned features, what really sets us apart from all other hajj travel agents in Mumbai is our endeavor in ensuring that all the rituals of our pilgrims on their Haj and Umrah are performed correctly based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. To make this possible, we have made it a point to build a team that includes scholars who have graduated from the Islamic university of Madinah, who accompany you throughout your journey for your spiritual guidance. These scholars ensure that from commencement to conclusion, all your religious obligations are completed correctly without any mistake or negligence. Furthermore, we also organize frequent dars or knowledge gatherings during the stay to impart Islamic knowledge to the pilgrims and to help them in developing an upright Islamic character.

To add to this, our team comprises of professionals who have lead Haj and Umrah groups for over 15 years and are vastly experienced in combatting all challenges in order to provide you the most peaceful experience with immense personal attention.

Above all, at Makkah Haj Corporation our main aim is to help muslims in connecting with their Lord, in repenting from their sins and in achieving Haj Mabroor – an accepted Haj – the reward for which is nothing but paradise.

Contact us if you are looking for a hajj umrah travel agency that will take you on a journey that will change your life forever.